About Us – The Tourist Mobility Centre Carinthia

As early as 2013, a broad alliance of tourism regions was formed in Carinthia because of an awareness of the importance of soft mobility to secure Carinthia as a holiday destination. The focus is on managing the resources of our country in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner thereby ensuring a place worth living in for future generations.

To this end, the Tourist Mobility Centre was set up in 2016 with the objective of creating sustainable mobility offers tailored to the needs of customers, to harness synergies and to strengthen public transport.

As a first big step, the first train station shuttle was launched in June 2017, the first Carinthia-wide train station shuttle service which can be uniformly booked. This solved the problem of the ‘last mile’ for almost the whole province in one fell swoop. Since then, multiple awards (winner of the VCÖ Mobility Prize 2017, winner of the Tourism Innovation Prize 2018 and the Carinthia Regionality Prize 2018) as well as constantly increasing user numbers have highlighted the value of this offer for the region and the regional economy.

Since then, much has changed, especially in the area of cooperation. Strong relationships between municipalities and tourism have emerged from this initiative and together provide important impetus in the field of smart public mobility, as is demonstrated by the mobility concept Nockberge – Nockmobil. With this project, the necessary next step was taken to locally make the last mile absolutely flexible and affordable. Smart in this context means striving for cooperation and synergies and not building parallel structures. Therefore the mobility concept connects all available transport offers (shipping, public transport, shared taxis and much more).

In 2021, the Carinthia Train Station Shuttle was redesigned and updated with extended booking windows, a new website and numerous other features.

We look forward to your visit and hope that you will use our numerous offers to spend a stress-free holiday in Carinthia without a car.

You will find further information and inspiration about the diverse regional (mobility) offers for Carinthia’s tourism regions here. „Regionen“.